The Poetry Corner

There are times when a poem leaps off the page and flies right into our hearts. This is the domain of spoken word poetry. Some of my favorite poems weren’t discovered until someone actually read the work aloud (I Am A Sword, Still I Rise, etc.)

There is currently a refugee crisis in Southeast Asia as ethnic Rohingya migrants flee their native country of Myanmar. Check out this video about the crisis and listen as the voice of the poet speaks to your heart.


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Check out this featured poem entitled “I Am A Sword” by Frederick S. Blackmon on TheSocialPoet.

Here’s a sample:

I am on fire, burning from the inside out.

I feel like a brand new sword, confused

As to why it’s been beaten and burned for so long.

I have neither soft nor dull edges

And no sheath to quench my thirst for battle and blood.

I am the talisman of victory. I am the artifact of defeat.

I have no lord for whom I pledge my allegiance;

No great cause to lend my might.

I was forged by a mighty hand against an unforgiving anvil’s edge

And now I gleam in the darkness and the light.

You can find “I am a Sword” and more poems by Frederick S. Blackmon by visiting his publisher Yonda House. They have an astounding collection of over 30 poems from this emerging author. The book is called “Words to Describe” and features an eclectic blend of visionary observations and psychedelic imaginings from the dazzling mind of an artistic youth.

*     *     *     *     *

Here’s a new and interesting way to experience and share the artform of poetry. It’s called If you can’t think of something slick to say, then why not hire a poet to craft a short, lyrical poem that perfectly matches your needs.

Quilly, your own cute little elf-like poet invites you to use his friendly website where you can easily create personalized poems to send out to your friends or family.


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