Flash Fiction

Only got a few minutes?

Then FLASH FICTION is perfect for you.

This emerging literary genre features short stories that are usually between 500 and 5,000 words. Putting together a piece of Flash Fiction might sound like a piece of cake. However, it’s not as easy as it seems to craft a compelling plot, dynamic characters and a thought-provoking theme in such a small piece of literary real estate.

Check out some of my own FLASH FICTION and see for yourself.

Sandalwood – FSB

Here’s a sample:

          Why did I have to come here, I thought to myself as I pulled into the Sandalwood Motel’s parking lot for the first time. Perhaps that is a story for another occasion. Perhaps that question has all of the relevance in the world when wrapped in a fistful of crumpled up dollar bills and shoved through a window at two-fifteen in the morning. Whose fault was it that I’d fallen to such a deplorable state in so little time? I was only nineteen at that time, but I felt old and worn down by the city.
         What was this place? Definitely western, it sat protectively on the corner of an eastern street in an eastern city on the edge of eastern chaos. Yet, it didn’t stick out against the backdrop of urban decay. I passed right by the Sandalwood twice before I actually found the building. Yellow, electric lights hung from its wooden rafters, which dimly lit its three open corridors. The hallways were intermittently studded with silent orange doors with bright metal handles. There were matching chairs outside of every room, all facing a central, rectangular pool. Vines and bushes overran the surrounding property and gates, giving off the illusion of a western style, forested prison. It was a garden, tended by melancholy souls and the company of silent faces. It was watered by the booze spilling denizens of the city.

*     *     *     *     *


A Book of Short Stories
A Book of Short Stories

Check out IN A FLASH: A Collection of Very Short Stories

It’s Flash Fiction at its finest, 21 inter-connected short stories that will keep you engaged from beginning to end.

5 thoughts on “Flash Fiction

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    1. It appears I raised your ire with such a short comment, for which I apologize. I was more or less joking with what I said, but I said it and I think it’s wrong to employ a “hey, I was joking” defense. But I am serious that there is good work being done in tweet-formated micro-stories, that achieve a haiku-like simplicity with a story being told entirely by implication.

      I doubt anyone can get paid for them, but a writer doesn’t always write to get paid, but to take on a challenge. A tweet-length snippet that conveys a story is a challenge, and I feel a worthwhile one, regardless.

      If you’re interested in seeing excellent Flash Fiction well under a thousand words, Dieter Rogiers had an amazing project to write 300 stories, all under 300 words, in 300 days. It’s an inspiring piece of focus and productivity: http://300stories.wordpress.com

      (I’m unaffiliated with Dieter, I’m just a fan, and his work is relevant to your topic here.)

      Best regards.

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