Review of new romance novel “Blood for Karen” by Frederick S. Blackmon

I recently got a subscription to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. If you don’t know, it’s a service that allows you to pay a monthly fee and have access to tons of content through Amazon. I thought I’d start my subscription with some romance books because that is one of my favorite genres. After browsing through the most ridiculous titles and book covers imaginable (werewolves, vampires, bears) I finally came across “Blood for Karen” by Frederick S. Blackmon.

I’ve read some of his work before, mostly science fiction so I was surprised to see his name pop up in the romance section. The cover was simple and elegant. In fact, the writing style was also simple and elegant. The author created a world in which a fascist regime known as the Partizan Empire took control of an old town called Meridian. There are some parallels to ancient Rome and the Nazis, but the author doesn’t make the comparison so obvious.

The story follows a young man named Jason who is desperately trying to prove his love to a girl named Karen. I really liked the Karen character. She’s fierce, yet feminine. And for a man to write women so well is a great accomplishment in of itself. I don’t want to give away the main plot points, but the story is compelling and interesting through and through. Jason constantly has to do more dangerous things to prove his love to Karen. Finally, she bends to his indomitable goodwill and falls in love with him. Yet, all is not roses and love scenes. There is still a rebellion going on and this could just as easily be a drama instead of a romance. It’s quite simply an elegant and rather eloquent book.

You can find “Blood for Karen” on Amazon and find the author, Frederick S. Blackmon on Twitter and Facebook.

brk ebook cover


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