Reyna the Machine – New Sci-Fi Series

One of my favorite authors Frederick S. Blackmon recently released a new story called “Reyna the Machine“. It’s a sci-fi novel series that takes place in the same universe as his other sci-fi series called “Serandes” – which was awesome. RTM also follows a strong female lead character (like Serandes) so I was super stoked to read it.

Reyna the Machine is a young girl whose life was saved by a cybernetic experiment. She has enhanced strength, speed, agility and intelligence as a result of it. Yet, her emotional stability is somewhat stunted. It reminded me a bit of “Ghost in the Shell” which I also loved to pieces. There’s also some deep underlying themes about the meaning of personhood and the rights of the individual to their own life and death. At times, it was morbid, but I rather like morbid.

If you’ve read the “Serandes” series then you’ll definitely recognize some of the technology and the author’s remarkable ability to create action sequences. It’s like you’re already watching a movie. RTM is a butt-kicking good time and I enjoyed reading every bit of the first installment. I’d recommend it for anyone who likes dystopian science fiction, futuristic adventure, neopunk, or just great sci-fi.

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