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Well, the new season of Game of Thrones is about to begin and we couldn’t be more excited! There have been two official trailers released from HBO and a host of behind-the-scenes tidbits to wet your appetite.

Here’s a link to the latest trailer and what we’ve gathered about the upcoming season:

Well, we’ve got more dragons. They are huge, the size of 747 jets. Daenerys makes landfall at Dragonstone and might be joining forces with Jon Snow.

Speaking of Snow…Jon, Barric Dondarrion and the Hound appear to be north of the Wall facing off with the Night King and his undead minions.

Bran and Meera have made it back to the Wall and might wind up at Winterfell with Sansa. She is the Lady of Winterfell, but has to worry about Little Finger’s manipulations.

Cersei is holding down the Iron Throne with her new evil-queen-in-black-attire look. Jaime Lannister and…

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