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Serandes: Corporation City is a new science fiction novel by Frederick S. Blackmon. I finally got my own copy and gave it a read. I’ve been hearing about this book for almost ten years now. The author used to work in the entertainment industry as a film writer and producer so the first installment of this story was actually a script for a television series. I’m not sure how that panned out, but the fiction book is simply amazing!

Finally, an original sci-fi story!

The story takes place in a futuristic city where big corporations literally enslave the population. Each corporation owns a sector of the city and they fight each other for control. Basically, if you worked for a big company like Temple Technologies, they own you and everything you do, your family, even the thoughts in your head. (Wicked, right?)

The main characters of the book are quite diverse. You’ve got a child genius who dreams about one day seeing the ocean. You’ve got a pair of street thugs who are constantly on the run. You’ve got a single mother of two who steals a secret document from her corporate masters. And you’ve got a pair of lovebirds who are the leaders of the underground rebellion. Their names are Shariff and Tatem. It’s hard to say who is the main character of this book because it’s like a revolving door. They are all different, but the storyteller expertly brings them together with plot twists that keep you turning the page. The underground rebellion starts a revolution in Corporation City that at first seems suicidal, but steadily you start to root for them and believe they can actually win.

Oh, and there’s action…lots of action. The fight sequences and chase scenes are really cool. The author is great at creating rising tension and lots of jeopardy. By the midpoint of the story you’re absolutely hooked. This gives me goosebumps in anticipation of a movie or an HBO series coming in the near future for Corporation City. I think it’s just a matter of time.

My one negative view on this story is that it’s too short. At 364 pages, it still left me wanting more. Of course, the author left me hanging on a cliff so that I would read the inevitable sequel to Serandes Corporation City, which is due to be released later in 2017. That being said, I’m not sure what more I would have wanted from the story…just more of it perhaps.

It’s definitely one of the best science fiction books I’ve read in a long time and certainly a must-read. You can find it on Amazon or wherever books are sold. So check out Serandes Corporation City.

Jay Prew

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