Amazon Eats Whole Foods

Amazon Moves Closer To Corporate Conglomerate

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey called it a “marriage” and believes that the $13.7 billion dollar deal was “a dream come true.” However, some stock holders are less than enthused about the hastily-arranged corporate nuptials.

That’s because it goes against good business sense. Whole Foods could have entertained offers from some competitors such as Walmart, Target and Costco (whose stock prices plummeted after news of the deal was broken). Also, the company was valued much higher, $57 a share, just two years ago. Clearly, Amazon made off with a gold guinea almost for no cost at all after you consider their rise in stock prices.

This deal makes Amazon look like a corporate tyrant, taking over entire segments of the business sector in large fell sweeps. It reminds me of the book I’m currently reading – Serandes: Corporation City. The book takes place in the near future when the only power left lies in the hands of the world’s largest corporations. Every day, the corporate overlords battle each other for total control over the media, commodities, and even war machines for entire countries. Is that where Amazon is headed? Will you be able to get a book, a bagel, and a gun some day soon, all under the same corporate umbrella?

Apparently, the future is now. If this story interests you, then check out Serandes: Corporation City by Frederick S. Blackmon. Ironically, you can find it on Amazon. And be sure to follow me on Twitter (@jayprew88).


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