Literary Quote of the Week

"People who die bad don't stay in the ground." - Tony Morrison (Beloved)


Cannon to Right of Them, Cannon to Left of Them

Lord Alfred Tennyson was one of the most celebrated poets of the Victorian Era and one of my favorite poets of all time. He had a tumultuous childhood and adolescence for someone with such a noble pedigree, and his body of work reflects a tormented soul. His poetry was widely read and at times Tennyson... Continue Reading →

Literary Quote of the Week

"By the selection of horses, the magnificence of the chariot, the attitude, and display of person – above all, by the expression of the cold, sharp, eagle features, imperialized in his countrymen by sway of the world through so many generations, Ben-Hur knew Messala unchanged, as haughty, confident, and audacious as ever, the same in... Continue Reading →

Autumn Update

Hello friends, I know it's been 2 months since the last post on Noteworthy Literature. I must apologize to anyone who is interested in this site. The good news is that I've been extremely busy ghostwriting a fiction novel. Things are moving at a good pace right now so you can expect more updates, quotes... Continue Reading →

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