Gossip, Gossip, Gossip

It seems like social media has taken gossip to a whole new level these days. Who doesn’t pop in every now and then to spy on their enemies and exes? I was inspired to write a poem about it called “Gossip”. The poem was recently featured on TheSocialPoet.com. Also, be sure to grab a copy of my poetry collection “Words to Describe”. You can find it at Yonda House for just £3.99.



Gossipers on the corner

Fill their lips with the latest lament,

With tongues brimming

Yet never sinning against themselves.

So eloquently they speak of others

In the city’s gutters,

Instinctively passing over mirrors

As they pillage and contaminate

The reputations of those most hated.

A scandalous whisper floats unaided.

Despite being loathed as taboo,

Nearly everyone flirts with the idea of “Who Saw Who.”

Perhaps they too, have been victimized

At once, also lamented and despised,

Yet once they reached the street corner

Forgot what was wise,

By not shutting their ears to these novelty spies.

Why preach, when all can participate in idle ways?

In truth, we all speak ill

Directed at our neighbor for a momentary thrill.

It’s a game. It’s a joke.

Well, isn’t it anyway?

A bit of innocent fun to waste away the day.

– Frederick S. Blackmon

Michael Crichton – The Jurassic Gold Miner

Michael Crichton is one of my favorite fiction authors. “Jurassic Park” the novel was instrumental in starting my career in screenwriting. When I was a teenager I read the book and then I saw the movie. I was devastated to say the least because of all the great material that never made it into the actual film. That outrage sparked my interest in creative screenwriting and adapting books to films. Admittedly, I thought I could do a better job.

That doesn’t blot out my love for Michael Crichton’s work. Sphere, Andromeda Strain, and Congo are still lingering favorites of mine. His books read like movies. Crichton’s style of writing is certainly science fiction, but it is also unpretentious, similar to the pulp fiction work of an early Aasimov. There is less focus on flowery writing and more focus on situation (plot) and dramatic tension (suspense). That formula works well for the modern reader. This is the new era of pulp fiction and Michael Crichton is certainly an author worth studying.

Now, it’s off to the movies to see Jurassic World, the latest adaption of the billion dollar franchise. It’s insanity: doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. Yet, are the producers of Jurassic World really expecting a different result? In its opening weekend, the film has already grossed over 500 million dollars worldwide. It staggers the mind because the plot has been driven over more times than a U.S. highway.


Literary Quote of the Week

“God creates dinosaurs, God kills dinosaurs, God creates man, man kills God, man brings back dinosaurs.” – Michael Crichton (Jurassic Park)

The Power of Spoken Words

There are times when a poem leaps off the page and flies right into your heart. This is the domain of spoken word poetry. Some of my favorite poems weren’t discovered until someone actually read the words aloud (I Am A Sword, Still I Rise, etc.)

There is currently a refugee crisis in Southeast Asia as ethnic Rohingya migrants flee their native country of Myanmar. Check out this video about the crisis and listen as the voice of the poet speaks to your heart.