I’ve never been a big fan of the zombie genre, but there are some exceptions to the rule. For example, I think The Walking Dead is a great comicbook series and tv show. That’s primarily because the zombies themselves often take a back seat to the real machinations of the plot and the dynamics of the characters. The Walking Dead has been copied so much that it is almost nauseating. So, I found it quite refreshing when I came across a book called The Revenant Virus by Jake Howell. It’s a 4-part book series that has some awesome characters that aren’t just poor knockoffs of The Walking Dead cast. The Revenant Virus follows the adventures of a disenchanted doctor who is reluctantly grouped together with a humble family which is struggling to stay alive in the zombie apocalypse. The books are fast reads, all of them, with suprising twists in the plotline. I mean, I never expected the main characters to come across a zombie fortress run by gold chain-wearing thugs with big trucks. This is an exciting read and Jake Howell is a great new horror writer.

Check out the books on Amazon. You can follow this link to the first book and read from there.



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